Features of the Payroll Software

POWERPAY FEATHERSFeatures of the Payroll Software

Employee Management

Manages Employee details example their personnel details (required by the company), work detail (department and designation), leave details (balances brought forward, Salary details etc.

Loan Management

Loans given to staff are maintained, installment structure can be set with installment amount. The system automatically tracks the loan installments till they are all paid. Loan reports will show the amount deducted per month.

Leave Management

Employees annual leave, sick leave, maternity, paternity can be maintained in the system.

Allowance Management

Manages allowances given to employee, it can be static allowance (fixed amount  per month) or dynamic allowance (changes amount every month, or its once a year).

Salary Advance

Mid-month advances is maintained, with this module salary advance can be given to all employee at once.

Absent, Late Overtime Management

Powepay can be integrated with ZK tech Biometric device to get Overtime and absent directly from the Biometric device. Powerpay  has flexibility which allows in out of total overtime hours and absent days to be entered to the system if integration with biometric device is not done.


Statutory reports:

With Powerpay you get all your Statutory reports in click, whether is Pension Reports, WCF Reports, P9, P10 – you name the report we have it. We have many other very useful reports included too.

Powerpay produces all required reports and can export net payments to any bank. The format required by your bank can be created by yourself or done by our team and then sent to you to add it to the menu. It can also export data to financial institutions, government agencies such as NSSF, NHIF and lets configure all these by yourself.

It will handle any payroll because the pay codes are easily added or modified by you. The software comes with a range of pay codes that you can adopt and use or copy to make your own. They range from earning methods, deduction parameters and taxation based on flat amounts, percentages, lookup tables or combination of all these. They will cover all known area of concern such as employer contribution, exemptions, relief, base or gross salary pegging, amount limiting, pension, hours, leave, overtime and so on.

You do not have to redo your salary every month because recurrent amounts whether based on formulas or not can be done for you every month. You are also given the opportunity to run several trial payrolls until you are satisfied before committing the final pay. The trial payroll can be based on an individual, a group or a company.


WCF Report

NHIF Report

P9 & P10 reports

6 months report to be submitted.

SDL & PAYE monthly

Monthly SDL submission report

Loan and Leave Reports

There are various reports you can get for loans and leaves, some are shown below

Bank and Cash Salaries

Employees being paid through bank will appear in bank salary report, and employees being paid cash will appear in cash report.

Pay slips

Employee pays lips , we have 2  formats, Landscape and portrait.

Salary Summary

This report shows all employees department wise with from their basic salary till their netpay. Total per department will be seen and the grand total shows totals for all departments.

With Powerpay your payroll

can be ready in 3 Minutes


WCF Report